The MMOC/NORC Animal Phenotyping Core serves both academic and industrial research communities.

Director Malcolm Low, MD, PhD, Medical School
Co-Director Nathan Qi, MD, PhD, Medical School

Co-supported by the Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center, the Animal Phenotyping Core was established in 2006 to provide state-of-the art equipment, services and consultative advice regarding the detailed metabolic phenotyping of rodent models of metabolic diseases.

Working with the Animal Care and Use Committee, the Animal Phenotyping Core makes the metabolic analysis of rodent models of disease expeditious, affordable, effective, and convenient for individual investigators.

The Animal Phenotyping Core offers:

  • Infrastructure to perform advanced, standardized, metabolic phenotyping of animal models of obesity or metabolic diseases that arise from dietary, genetic, pharmacologic or other perturbations.
  • Centralized equipment and services to expedite research for many MNORC investigators in a cost-effective manner.
  • Consultation to MMOC investigators in the design, execution and analysis of metabolism-related studies in rodents.
  • Develop new techniques and acquire new technologies for rodent phenotyping in response to needs of MMOC investigators.

Research Acknowledgement

The University of Michigan Animal Phenotyping Core is co-sponsored by Michigan Nutrition and Obesity Research Center (MNORC) and Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC). It is extremely important that our grants are cited in all publications resulting from the use of our services. Our productivity and effectiveness as Centers are measured in part by the citation of the grants in published work. So, PLEASE include the following acknowledgement in your publication:

This work utilized Core Services supported by grants DK089503 (MNORC) and DK020572 (MDRC) of NIH to the University of Michigan.