For members with a University of Michigan

  1. Contact the lab to schedule a study time by phone (734-764-7043) or email ( or For any non-standard procedures, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss and establish a working protocol.
  2. Fill out the application form and send it online or fax it to the core (734-232-8222).
  3. Arrange the animal transfer via ULAM service (see Animal Transfer for details).
  4. Experiment will be carried out based on our standard protocol or the protocol you requested.
  5. Data reporting time will depend on the complexity of the study, for a standard procedure, please check our listed references.
  6. Recharging is usually filed at the end of each quarter or beginning of the next quarter. The PI will receive an invoice of our service(s) after the recharge is issued.

For members from outside the campus, additional steps apply

  1. A signed service agreement and hard copy of purchase order must be obtained from each outside customer.
  2. For external animal shipping information, please contact our shipping coordinator (see below in animal transfer) at our animal facility.
  3. A quarantine period of 3-4 weeks is required unless proof of the following serological tests can be confirmed:
    • Mice: pinworms, MHV, MPV, MVM, NS-1, EDIM, Ectromelia, Sendai, PVM, TMEV (GDVII), REO, MPUL, LCMV, MAV, and POLY
    • Rats: pinworms, SDAV, KRV, H-1, RPV, NS-1, Sendai, PVM, REO, MPUL, TMEV, LCMV, MAV

Important Notes

  1. Listed rates are for University of Michigan MNORC/MDRC members. If you are not currently a member, click here to complete our membership application.
  2. Prices for external customers vary. An additional 29% overhead must be included for all external customers. Please contact Nathan Qi for a price quote and availability.
  3. All scheduled studies will be conducted based on first-come, first-served service policy.

Application forms for our standard procedures

  1. Glucose clamps
  2. VO2 and VCO2 (CLAMS, Columbus Instruments)
  3. Body composition
  4. Glucose/insulin/pyruvate tolerance test
  5. Miscellaneous measurements (need PDF?)

Animal transfer

On the Campus
  1. A transfer form must be submitted through eRAM PRIOR TO physically moving animals to the Core. Please be sure to click “submit” when the form has been filled out.
  2. Please speak to your area ULAM supervisor and arrange to have your animals shipped at least 2 DAYS prior to when you would like you animals to arrive at the core. For most studies, it is suggested that animals arrive a week early in order to acclimate before beginning experimentation.
  3. Please be sure to properly ID animals with either ear tags or ear punches before shipment. Due to the extreme volume of studies handled by the core, a clear and simple ID system will help our staff to easily and quickly identify animals.
  5. Core staff will arrange return shipment and transfers.
  6. PI’s will be responsible for the cost of trucking animals to and from the core.
Outside of Campus
  1. Animals coming from an EXTERNAL organization must have a health report and negative serology tests done within 3 months prior to the date of transfer for all of the following disease agents.
    • Mice: Pinworms, Furmites, MHV, MPV, MVM, NS-1, EDIM, Ectromelia, Sendai, PVM, TMEV (GDVII), REO, MPUL, LCMV, MAV, and POLY
    • Rats: Pinworms, Furmites, SDAV, KRV, H-1, RPV, NS-1, Sendai, PVM, REO, MPUL, TMEV, LCMV, MAV
  2. For scheduling a shipment please contact our shipping coordinator:
    Erin Himrod
    ULAM, University of Michigan
    Phone: (734) 936-1699
  3. Animals that do not have a current health report and negative serology tests will be quarantined for 3-4 weeks at the University of Michigan (with no treatment of Ivermectin during that time).
From commercial venders
  1. We accept animals shipped directly from the following commercial venders.
    • Charles River Laboratories Inc.
    • Harlan Sprague Dawley Inc.
    • Jackson Laboratory
    • Taconic Farms
    • National Institute of Aging
    • National Cancer Institute
    • Simonson Laboratories
  2. We will handle the ordering and shipping process via the ULAM service if requested.

Research Acknowledgement

The University of Michigan Animal Phenotyping Core is co-sponsored by Michigan Nutrition and Obesity Research Center (MNORC) and Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC). It is extremely important that our grants are cited in all publications resulting from the use of our services. Our productivity and effectiveness as Centers are measured in part by the citation of the grants in published work. So, PLEASE include the following acknowledgement in your publication:

This work utilized Core Services supported by grants DK089503 (MNORC) and DK020572 (MDRC) of NIH to the University of Michigan.