CLAMS, Columbia Instruments

Services and Prices:Energy Metabolism

VO2 & VCO2 with spontaneous activity and food intake (CLAMS, Columbus Instruments)
(1) Room temperature (22°C)
(2) Thermoneutrality (30°C) and/or cold (as low as 4°C)
$46.73/day/mouse (currently not available for rats)
(3) Plus body temperature (implantation of BMDS electronic transponder)
$5.05/day/animal, subcutaneous implantation (3 days minimum)
$7.08/day/animal, IP implantation (3 days minimum)
Non-shivering thermogenesis using injection of norepinephrine (including 24hours acclimation at 30°C)
$62.43/mouse, w/o anesthesia
$67.59/mouse, w/ anesthesia (pentobarbital, IP)
Body Composition (Bruker Minispec LF 90II)
$13.80 per procedure (mouse, rat, and hamster)
Body Temperature (microchips implanted in sub-cu or IP, under isoflurane anesthesia, Bio Medic Data Systems)
$15.63/animal/procedure, sub-cu temperature (up to 10 measurements, 8am-5pm)
$20.87/animal/procedure, IP temperature (up to 10 measurements, 8am-5pm)
$1.05/animal per each additional measurement
Digestible Energy Content including measuring food and/or fecal samples collected during a 48-hour single housing period (Bomb Calorimeter, Parr 6200 and 1108P oxygen bomb)

Research Acknowledgement

The University of Michigan Animal Phenotyping Core is co-sponsored by Michigan Nutrition and Obesity Research Center (MNORC) and Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC). It is extremely important that our grants are cited in all publications resulting from the use of our services. Our productivity and effectiveness as Centers are measured in part by the citation of the grants in published work. So, PLEASE include the following acknowledgement in your publication:

This work utilized Core Services supported by grants DK089503 (MNORC) and DK020572 (MDRC) of NIH to the University of Michigan.