Research Acknowledgement

It is extremely important that our grant is cited in all publications resulting from the use of NORC services. Our productivity and effectiveness as a Center is measured in part by the citation of the grant in published work. Please use the following acknowledgement in your publications:

This work utilized Core Services supported by grant DK089503 of NIH to the University of Michigan.

Core Services: Animal Phenotyping: Services

Required Forms

Our animal housing room

Our animal housing room.


  • Listed rates are for University of Michigan MMOC members. If you are not currently a member, click here to complete our membership application.
  • Prices for external customers vary. 30% overhead must be included for all external customers. Please contact Nathan Qi regarding availability.
  • A signed service agreement and hard copy of purchase order must be obtained from each outside customer. Sample service agreement.
  • For external animal shipping information, please contact ULAM office.
  • Quarantine period of 8-10 weeks is required unless proof of the following tests can be confirmed:
    • Mice: pinworms, MHV, MPV, MVM, NS-1, EDIM, Ectromelia, Sendai, PVM, TMEV (GDVII), REO, MPUL, LCMV, MAV, and POLY
    • Rats: pinworms, SDAV, KRV, H-1, RPV, NS-1, Sendai, PVM, REO, MPUL, TMEV, LCMV, MAV


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