Research Acknowledgement

It is extremely important that our grant is cited in all publications resulting from the use of NORC services. Our productivity and effectiveness as a Center is measured in part by the citation of the grant in published work. Please use the following acknowledgement in your publications:

This work utilized Core Services supported by grant DK089503 of NIH to the University of Michigan.

Core Services: Human Phenotyping: Physical Activity Laboratory

The Physical Activity Laboratory (PAL) is committed to the study of physical activity, fitness and exercise. Our experienced team of exercise physiologists and researchers assists in design and implementation of related assessments and protocols within research projects.

Core services include a wide range of exercise tests as well as support for supervised exercise interventions. Available assessments include, but are not limited, to VO2 peak, max and submax (treadmill, cycle), strength (designated repetition maximum tests, grip strength), flexibility (sit-and-reach, shoulder stretch), frailty (timed up-and-go, walking distance/pace) and free living physical activity and sleep (SenseWear accelerometry). In all cases, standard as well as study-specific protocols are available. PAL can assist in selection and design of appropriate assessments and interventions.

PAL has experience with individuals of various ages and physical and mental abilities. PAL has designed and implemented fitness related protocols in special populations, including but not limited to cancer patients, obese pediatrics, adults with cerebral palsy, children with Downs Syndrome and obese adults with multiple comorbidities. Additionally, PAL serves as a primary testing site for the Michigan Pediatric Outpatient Weight Evaluation and Reduction Program (MPOWER) as well as the metabolic phenotyping site for the Investigational Weight Management Clinic, a NORC Demonstration Unit.

PAL regularly develops study and population specific assessments and interventions - contact us for additional information.

PAL Services and Rates

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Maximal Aerobic Capacity (VO2max): $69.88 per test
Strength testing: $57.88 per hour
Functional assessment: $57.88 per hour
Supervised exercise training: $58.88 per hour
Exercise testing in specialized populations: $58.88 per hour
Pedometer Monitoring: $37.44 per session

Accelerometer rental and monitoring: 

$37.44 per session
Check-out from PAL (includes one month rental) $7.79 per unit
Check-in to PAL (includes data download to accelerometer software and export to Excel) $7.79 per unit
Rental for > 1 month $7.79 per unit per month
Additional accelerometry support: in-depth support beyond per session rental and monitoring $59.88 per hour
Accelerometer data cleaning and analyses: $69.50 per hour

When preparing your study budget several years out, please budget a 10% increase in costs each year.

Note that the cost for some services includes the time/effort of experienced, trained, and licensed personnel. In instances where staff from the Core users’ research team assist or appropriately fill the role of Core staff to provide the service, the charges will be adjusted accordingly.

No-shows and late cancellations (<1 business day) will be billed the full amount. 

The prices listed above reflect University of Michigan user rates. Some tests are available for non-University of Michigan users. Click here for non-UM rates.


For more information, please email: