Orientation Guide

The Weight Management Program Quiz

Please download and complete the Initial Evaluation Form and the questionnaires before taking this quiz. These forms can be found at http://www.med.umich.edu/intmed/endocrinology/weightmanagement/forms.htm.

You have a total of 3 chances to get all questions correct.

Please record the confirmation number that you receive after you have passed the quiz, and provide this to the appointment scheduler to prove that you reviewed the orientation information and passed the self-assessment quiz.

Yes No
a) Diabetes b) Heart disease c) Cancers d) All of the above
a) 12 weeks b) 52 weeks c) 100 weeks d) None of the above
a) 4 weeks b) 12 weeks c) 24 weeks d) None of the above
True False
True False
True False
a) Co-pays b) Meal replacement shakes and bars c) Research procedures d) a) and b)