Systems Biology Journal Club
The Journal Club meets the second Thursday of the month in the Cure Room (Brehm 5050, Kellogg Eye Center) from 5.00 to 7.00 pm. It spans the areas from modeling, model organisms, systems physiology, and computational biology. We interpret systems biology broadly. Registration and RSVP are not required. This is an open event.

The schedule for the academic year is:

Fall 2013:

09/12/2013 - Roberto Miguez and Malcolm Low
10/10/2013 - Joanne Garbincius and Zach Harvanek
11/14/2013 - Amelia Glazier and Bryan Holtz
12/13/2013 - Jonathan Gumucio and Jacob Hull

Winter 2014:

01/09/2014 - Santiago Schnell and Kavaljit Chhabra
02/13/2014 - Dr. Elsje Pienaar and Bryan Holtz
03/13/2014 - [presenter tba] and [presenter tba]
04/10/2014 - Dr. Simeone Marino and Dr. Mark Whidden
05/08/2014 - [presenter tba] and [presenter tba]

If you would like to present on the Winter 2014 semester, please let us know.

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