Thirteen NORC members have been recognized for recent awards, honors or publications in the March 2013 edition of UMHS' Internal Medicine's Connection (click here to download):

  • Ormond MacDougald, PhD, is elected 2012 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). (Page 4)
  • Ronald Koenig, MD, PhD, is one of two Medical School recipients of the 2013 Rackham Distinguished Mentor Award. (Page 5)
  • Elif Oral, MD, gave the award lecture at the recent inaugural "Excellence in Diabetes" meeting held in Istanbul, Turkey. She spoke on "Lipodystrophy: Beyond Generalization?". (Page 11)
  • Also at the "Excellence in Diabetes" meeting, William Herman, MD, MPH, gave a lecture on "Identifying Those At Risk" and participated in a moderated debate on whether lifestyle interventions are cost-effective and appropriate to prevent type 2 diabetes. (Page 11)
  • The Multidisciplinary Pituitary Neuroendocrine Clinic (MPNC) earned an Honorable Mention in the Clinical Services category for the UMHS Program of the Year. Ariel Barkan, MD, is a co-director of the Clinic. (Page 12)
  • Amy Rothberg, MD, received a grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) Foundation to examine changes in spontaneous physical activity and sedentary behavior after weight loss. (Page 13)
  • Gregory Cartee, PhD, has published two new studies on skeletal muscle and aging in the December 2012 issue of the Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences. (Page 16)
  • David Lombard, MD, PhD, is co-senior author of a new study that sheds more light on how an anti-aging gene suppresses cancer growth, as shown by joint UMHS and Harvard Medical School research shows. The study was recently published in the scientific journal Cell. (Page 17)
  • A paper by Santiago Schnell, PhD, Charles Burant, MD, PhD and Erin Shellman, PhD, is on the the cover of the March 2013 issue of Molecular BioSystems. The study finds metabolic fingerprinting can reveal the evolution of species. (Page 18)
  • MCUBED grants for innovative, multi-disciplinary collaborative projects were awarded to Peter Arvan, M.D., Ph.D. ("Regulation of Sphingolipid Homeostasis and Implications for Disease"), Charles Burant, MD, PhD ("Scientific Needs Assessment and Analysis of Bioinformatics Tools to Support Clinical & Translational Research"), Tae-Hwa Chun, M.D., Ph.D. ("High-resolution imaging of fat tissue metabolism") and Elif Oral, MD ("Marker steroids in primary aldosteronism"). (Page 19)

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